The name of my new work is given by my home town.
Here in Roman and medieval times, “figulinae” were produced: small vases, statues or bricks out of clay.
My idea was to throw many miniature vases on a potter’s wheel and put them in well-defined forms.
With this act of pressure, which I like to consider artistic, the small vases shape themselves and their combination gives birth to the final work, the result of an “unformed put into form”.
Already in 1985 I began to use the pressure movement on single round vessels to emphasize the shaping and make them how I like, irregular.

Functional vases, which on a small scale lose its original purpose, become work of art.

My piece “GELBLICH” can be seen until the end of July in the Westerwald Keramikmuseum in Hoehr Grenzhausen, Germany.